The most beautiful hotels in the American West

From Los Angeles to Yellowstone via Monument Valley, San Francisco and Lake Powell, our specialist advisors will help you discover their selection of the most beautiful hotels in the West American!

American West

Dream Hollywood – Los Angeles

Not far from there, there is Hollywood Boulevard, its excesses, its night life, its “fauna”, its myth. Thus, the Dream Hollywood is a welcome preserved cocoon that we join with pleasure after a day exploring the sprawling Los Angeles. Cosy, trendy, soothing, its decoration is a great success. Several assets are to be highlighted. First this rooftop swimming pool, bordering a few tables and deckchairs where you can have a drink at night, with your eyes set on the city. From the rooms, the panorama is also preserved by a beautiful volume of windows. From its almost futuristic reception to its rooftop restaurant open to the four winds and its comfortable rooms, this is a great place to stay.

AMANGIRI – Page (Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell)

A stone’s throw from Lake Powell, nestled at the foot of a huge mesa and facing the desert, the Amangiri has landed in an amazing setting of wild beauty. Perfectly integrated with its ochre adobe bungalows with flat roofs like the top of the hills, you can barely see the hotel from the bumpy track. For civilization it will be necessary to enter: a universe of smooth concrete with perfect lines, the large common room opens through huge windows overlooking the desert. Library, large lounges, restaurant with open kitchen, the rooms follow one another without ever separating. The rooms are high ceiling suites with a large sleeping area with a sumptuous king size bed, a lounge area, a huge bathroom and a terrace. At the end of the terrace, a ledge wide enough to install cushions, long enough to have a wood fire in its center. Behind, the desert and sometimes coyotes are said to be. The cuisine is refined and organic, the bar is busy, the spa sophisticated and the excursions are exciting. At night we listen to the wind singing on the bright rocks of starlight. Happiness is in the West.

There is no nicer hotel thousands of miles away. Amangiri is a delicious oasis of refinement in the heart of a mineral desert. The pool – you’ve already seen it in pictures in magazines – is amazing. It includes a mesa, the tabular hills that make up the landscapes of the Red West.

Hotel Zephyr – San Francisco

Long parallelepiped of three floors without much architectural interest but which hides pleasant and trendy rooms. One and a half blocks from Pier 39 and very close to the old rigging of the San Francisco Maritime Museum in Hyde pier.

The Line Hotel – Los Angeles

Located in Koreatown, between Hollywood and Downtown, The Line Hotel is the main tourist destination. The scene here is young and trendy, with two trendy restaurants, a café and a nightclub popular with the inhabitants. This hotel with its ultra-pure design and concrete rooms from floor to ceiling, equipped with huge bay windows overlooking the Hollywood hills, is something to be noted for. The most fashionable designers of the moment have joined forces with Korean chef Roy Choi, known for his famous food-truck. He now works in the restaurant Le Pot, which is always full to capacity, while the bar is always full day and night and the pool on the Rooftop is among the most popular in L.A.

Ojai Rancho Inn – Ojai, California

Respecting the ranch spirit to the letter, Ojai Rancho Inn has opted for the warmth of wood, from the floor to the ceiling, from the furniture to the structure of some very successful beds. Its warm colours combined with the omnipresent cactus and the tipi installed in the garden contribute to this far west atmosphere. In the bar we sit on large stools, leaning against the solid counter, to sip a glass while listening to vinyl.

Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel – Huntington Beach

Modern, the hotel is a harmonious blend of tranquility and comfort. It has the advantage of living the Huntington Beach way of life and being located along the sea, which is a good compromise for an end of stay not far from Los Angeles, without breaking the bank! Located facing the sea, this charming boutique hotel has everything you need to enjoy the beaches of the Californian surf capital.

Tower23 – San Diego

The modern and immaculate facade of this luxury hotel overlooks the Pacific Ocean from the top of its 3 floors with its large bay windows, a trendy stopover for the end of a seaside trip along the Pacific coast.

The Standard Downtown – Los Angeles

Located in the heart of downtown, a fast-changing business district, this skyscraper once owned by an oil tycoon has become a must-see for Los Angeles’ hip youth. In Standard Downtown, more than a hotel, a nightclub-pool-beer garden on the roof, a coffee shop in 60’s yellow buttercup style, a fashionable hairdresser, and a great bookstore. This hotel only has a standard name. We enjoyed the view from the panoramic terrace on the 11th floor where we can choose to sip a cocktail at the lounge bar, one of the trendiest places of the moment, enjoy the heated swimming pool on the side of the skyscraper or even see an open-air Hollywood action film projected directly onto a building in the area.

THE VIEW – Monument Valley

Built by the heiress of a large Navajo family, the hotel was designed with respect for the sacred places that surround it. With its landscape-fitting profile, its only three levels and its orange colour, it blends harmoniously with the red cliffs of the valley. The rooms, spacious and comfortable, all have a balcony with a view of the valley. The “cabins”, away from the main building, are more secluded and offer a less beautiful view of the monoliths.

True to its name: the view of Monument Valley is breathtaking, and the sunrise and sunset are timeless moments.

AMANGANI – Yellowstone

The “House of Peace”, inspired by the great Asian lodges with its three levels traversed by wooden balconies, enjoys a magnificent setting, its immense bays opening onto the peaks of the Teton peaks, culminating at 4200 metres. Oklahoma sandstone columns, Douglas pine or Pacfic redwood panelled walls or mounted in blocks of rough stone stretched with animal skins (imitations, environment obligatory), offer a rustic refinement that perfectly fits the site. The sobriety of the decoration borders on simplicity, the palette used even gives an almost monastic impression. A breathtaking location, breathtaking panoramas, architecture in perfect harmony with its surroundings, simple and refined elegance, an unforgettable experience.

Grand Teton: Jenny Lake Lodge

Small wooden cottages whose origins date back to the 1920s when the park was created thanks to the Rockefellers, scattered in a clearing with an unobstructed view of the Tetons reflecting in the nearby lakes. An oh so bucolic western getaway in a grandiose environment. One of the most pleasant accommodations in all the national parks, a happy cross between a mountain chalet and a ranch, which, with its refined authentic style, meals and adapted activities, will convince the most demanding people who will find the price justified.